Denise Bogner has a longtime connection to GFWC with having started a GFWC Junior Woman’s Club in the 1980's when she lived in Hammond, Indiana.  After moving to Florida, she is employed fulltime as a state licensed Community Association Manager of a large condominium complex, Secretary of her 400 single family home association, and volunteer of the West Deerfield Community Alliance, (WDAC) representing 2,710 single family homeowners kept her from participating in the daytime meetings of the GFWC Woman’s Club of Deerfield Beach. She regularly attends City Commission Meetings and is involved in its recent project to change the 10 Street Corridor. The Woman's Club succeeded in having the City of Deerfield Beach pass an ordinance that limits clothing donation bins to charitable groups such as the Salvation Army that has a designated spot on our club parking lot.  Denise spends hours driving around Deerfield looking for and tagging unauthorized donation bins and sending information to the City's Code enforcement to ensure they were removed so that donations go to qualifying non-profit charities and not For-Profit interlopers. 

Denise is an enthusiastic volunteer at Deerfield Beach Historical Society functions. Up until March 2020 she regularly attended festivals, flea markets, art shows, and children’s events such as Breakfast with Santa and their Halloween Hoedown for children. She has inspired many of our club members to wear our club’s yellow shirts and help. 
With all this, Denise still always felt the need to somehow find a way to renew her connection with GFWC and make evening meetings an alternative for women.! In 2014 she formed and initiated the Adoption of the Evening Meeting. This effort became a reality! It has been successful in providing women the opportunity to participate in the Mission of GFWC and the GFWC Woman’s Club of Deerfield Beach, Inc.

The Evening Meeting is written in the Club’s Bylaws. Its Director is elected and serves on the Executive Board.  This 2020 year has been especially challenging, but Denise faithfully organized and attended Evening Meetings and Board meetings, providing information, programs, speakers and direction to all club members, committee chairs and other officers. She made Membership Presentation Charts for club members, especially new members, to familiarized themselves of what it means to be a club member.  This is truly the role of Good Leadership!

As 2020 Director of the Evening Meeting, Denise reported In Kind and actual dollar donations to our club for Club Projects, Building Upkeep, Office Supplies/Printing Expenses, Projects, and Publicity of $1,850.24. Her monetary generosity and numerous volunteer service hours greatly help the club in many ways.  2020 found her generously spending time with Autistic Children and volunteer to help with Art Projects.  When she sees a need, you can always count on her to Show Up and Take a Lead position.   

Denise feels very strongly that it is important to get information about GFWC and our club out to the general public and potential new members.  She continues to design and print flyers, business cards and posters for the club. She writes updated information in, Whisperings, the club’s monthly newsletter.  She sends updated information via email when appropriate to all members and individuals. She takes the initiative to update our Building Binder of all regular renters and venders to aid our Officers and members in the daily tasks of running our club business activities. 

Denise Bogner truly emanates the 2020 Volunteer Spirit of GFWC!   Her efforts, time and generosity have had a positive effect on our club, our communities, and the City as a whole.  
Every Club needs a Denise-like member!